Our Story

NuSoundz Music is the premiere studio in Murrieta, CA, conveniently located by the city of Temecula. Founded and operated by Myke. NuSoundz Music serves to every phase point of producing a record.

Myke is a military veteran who's been in the recording industry for over 20 years. He's also acquired an Associates of Science Degree in Recording Arts from The Los Angeles Film (& Recording) School. He's recorded Rap/HipHop, Country, Rock, Spoken Word, instrumental music, music for film, games, and just about any other media you can think of.


 Studio Rules 

nusoundz Recordings Client Agreement 

• Studio Session Terms are $50 an hour 

• A Non-Refundable down payment for the first hour of at least $50 is required to secure studio time. 

• Masters (CD’s and Recordings) will be delivered when final billing session is 


• nusoundz is not responsible for client masters. Client is responsible for 

securing recordings and storage for studio session master recordings. nusoundz 

will not store recordings for client. 

• Client agrees to limit access to guests, only guests that are affiliated with studio 

session are allowed. 

• No Smoking or Alcohol is allowed on premises 

• No Loitering outside the building